Website vs. Social Media

Web Tips Nov 2018 - Website vs Social Media

Website? Facebook Page? Google Biz Page? LinkedIn Profile? Instagram? Twitter? Today you have many choices about how to get a presence online. It comes down to what is most effective for YOUR business’ goals. Take a look at the pros and cons of website versus social media:


Social media profiles and pages are quick to set up. In less than an hour, you will be up and running with yours. You’ll be able to tell customers how to reach you easily if you redirect your domain name to your social media page (also referred to as domain forwarding). You’ll have a business-branded Web address – much better than just saying “follow me on Facebook.” (Although you can say that too!)
With over a billion people using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social platforms, your business can instantly take advantage of the built-in base of potential customers. People are already going to those sites. You can capitalize on their popularity.

Social Media Pros:

Quick and free – Social pages are simple to set up and they are mostly free.
Low-commitment – If your social profile is no longer doing the job, you can easily delete your page or switch to another platform. Or just don’t pay as much attention to it.
Globally – The number of businesses that redirect their traffic to their respective Facebook site increases 25% year-over-year.
Engagement – Social media encourages back and forth interaction, and tends to be casual and humanizing. This allows you to easily communicate and build relationships.
Branding – Customers will learn more about the business’s values, mission and purpose, through your updates and how you respond to them. This builds loyalty and your brand.

Social Media Cons:

Limited design – With social media, you have to follow their layout. You can customize your header and profile pic, but the basic layout you won’t be able to change.
Open forum – Consumers can ask questions and voice their feedback and complaints. That means you have to monitor the site. In other words, the public can put comments on your social page or their profile referring to your profile. You’re not in complete control.
Limited reporting tools – The level of reporting and features available are often less than with a website. You only get the information the social site chooses to give you.
Lack of ownership – The social media provider’s terms and conditions control what content and promotions can be presented. For example, if you want to run a contest, you must follow their rules. Also consider what happens if the provider shuts the site down and if this is your only online presence.
Ideally, your business should have a website IN ADDITION TO your social media presence. But some small businesses choose to dip their toe in the water by starting with a social media page. Then later, when they are ready to build a website, they link back and forth from their social media pages.


If you want full control over your brand, then creating a company website is a better option. It’s yours – you own it. You decide what it looks like, and what goes on it. And of course, there’s no substitute for a website when it comes to credibility.
Remember, a website can be as simple as a one-page flyer for your business, or as sophisticated as a multimedia marketing and sales hub.

Website Pros:

Cost effective – There are a variety of options available, ranging from free to expensive. Free websites, depending on your budget and business needs, may be a good starting place. You can always add to or improve upon your free site later.
Credibility – Consumers expect companies to have websites today. They trust a business more if it has a website.
Full control – When you own your own website, you have many more choices about how it looks and the features it has. That’s true even if you use a low-cost or free website builder tool and start with a templates. You can typically personalize a template to make it look uniquely yours.
Better marketing – With your own website, you have more leeway to communicate with and sell to your customers. A website not only has more space to market your business; but you can include more marketing features such as videos, customers reviews, blogs and special promotional offers.
Reduced overhead – Most consumers prefer to get a business’s information online. If you make your website a useful source of self-service information, it can reduce your operating costs.
24-hour availability – You can partly “open for business” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world — even if you’re actually closed.

Website Cons:

Maintenance – Depending on the size of the site, keeping content up-to-date will require some time and effort.
Increased complexity – The more sophisticated the design and functionality, the more money and time it will take to design and set up.
More marketing effort – You have to work to get traffic to your website. That means you have to have a marketing strategy and implement it.


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Exquisite Corpse Surreal Taxidermy

Exquisite Corpse Surreal Taxidermy

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Belle Media was honored to build a portfolio website for this amazing artist who specializes in a unique labor of love. Be sure to visit her website often to discover which new (and endlessly interesting) pieces she’s added to her menagerie!

Exquisite Corpse Surreal Taxidermy

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it … here is what clients say about working with Belle Media!

“I just wanted to thank you again for setting up our website so well! We get compliments on it all the time. After Christmas, I’ve taken a look at what our local, and national competitors do. They’re not even close, in look, navigation and information. They’re often amateurish. Or, just “institutional” where they look OK but navigate poorly and have not content- just links. With your set up and Jacques’ ability to refresh as needed, our site is really one of the best in our biz. Thanks so much!” – D. Holmes –

“I have been editing web pages for the last 6 years using three separate programs to edit and post web pages. Belle Media recently turned me on to WordPress, which has been a delight to use. It is so easy to edit and create web pages & blogs. When I update or post a new blog it automatically sends out tweets and Facebook notices, so slick. It didn’t take me long at all to adjust to using WordPress. It really is so less complicated than using traditional web creation/editing programs. Friends and followers enjoy getting notices of updates to blogs.” – J. Sewery –

“Although I have been working with Doncaster and loving their stylish fashions for many years, my BBD Style Fashion Blog is relatively a new thing and I’m having soooo much fun learning along the way! My website designer is Belle Media and together we’ve created a wonderful online place to share fashion trends, tips, and tricks. A great tip I have learned is to “keep things consistent”, whether in-person and/or online. In keeping with this idea I’m furthering my business branding with these lovely BBD Style business cards, also designed by Belle Media. I look forward to reaching out to even more fashionistas and continuing to share my joy and love of fashion, family, friends, and of course, the finer things in life!!!” – B. Drake –

At Belle Media we believe a referral is the best compliment a client can give! Belle Media has thrived for over ten years with the continued support of repeat clientele and their personal referrals to new clients. THANK YOU to ALL of our clients who have helped Belle Media grow and expand; we continuously look forward to a fabulous future ahead!!!

Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

Web Tips Nov 2016 - Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

5 Big Reasons To Have A Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

In today’s increasingly digital business landscape, any growing business that wants to build and sustain long-term success must have a strong social media presence. Social media provides businesses with immediate connection to their customers and their competition, and it also serves as a flexible platform to grow a brand identity. And while most business owners realize these valuable benefits, they still often make the mistake of not prioritizing social media in their overall marketing strategy.

If you’re on the fence about dedicating your business marketing resources to social media, here are 5 big reasons to have a solid social media marketing strategy in place, instead of just winging it:

1. The Right First Impression

The biggest reason you should have a solid social media marketing strategy in place is for the sake of making the right first impression, which is absolutely fundamental for success. Your current and potential customers are all using social media in some way and when they arrive at any of your social media profiles they will either like what they see or be disappointed and underwhelmed. When you don’t have a solid strategy in place, you’re more likely than not to end up with the latter.

To save yourself from losing valuable customers, implementing a smart, pre-planned social media marketing strategy helps you to present a consistently positive first impression for your business online.

2. Build Momentum (And A Following) Quickly

Another huge reason to have a solid social media marketing strategy in place, rather than just going at it blindly, is because it gives you a reliable plan to follow that is consistent and helps you build momentum right from your first social media post. This is so important in social media because social media users love to follow established brands that provide quality posts on a consistent basis, and it’s one marketing method that truly requires sustained engagement.

If you invest in a solid strategy and give it the attention it deserves, you’ll build a sizable following before you know it.

3. A Happier, More Decisive Marketing Team

An unexpected benefit of having a solid social media marketing strategy in place is that it helps whoever is in charge of your company’s marketing make decisions more efficiently, thus lowering indecision and stress. And if your business structure is on the lean side and you’re the person responsible for social media updates along with several other business responsibilities, a solid social media marketing strategy takes the guesswork out of the equation and allows you to approach your goals with a more positive, confident mindset than if you didn’t have one.

4. Purpose And Direction

Who is in your ideal social media audience? What tone of voice represents your brand best? What type of content will you post? How often will you update? These are just a few questions you leave unanswered when you don’t have a social media marketing strategy. You can certainly learn these things over time, but it’s only when you approach your business’ social media with a defined strategy that you’ll have the purpose and direction you need for long-term success in the digital space.

5. Proven ROI

Above any other reason, probably the best reason to have a solid social media marketing strategy is because doing so leads to a greater return on your marketing investment. Social media can quickly open doors to countless business opportunities and connections, which your business simply can’t harness without a solid social media marketing strategy.



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Belle Media can help your business realize a successful marketing plan while providing ongoing support. For over 10 years Belle Media has assisted clients build strong business connections. Contact Belle Media today to discuss your growing business’s social media marketing strategy.

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Purity Service Group

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After six years with their old website Purity Service Group decided it was time for a fresh redesign. Not only is the new layout interactive and more appealing to visitors, it utilizes a fully responsive design so it will reach clients on any/all platforms.

Purity Service Group - Responsive website design - Milwaukee, WI

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